A bit about me...


I love the prospect of change, movement, and evolution, and as an artist, I love to watch my materials transform. My journey as an artist has been one of gradual transformation, my slow surrender to a dream.

 On my travels, I saw a man painting on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean and had an a-ha! moment: I want to do that one day! My husband and I went on to start a family; we had two beautiful girls, and life kept moving forward. But that image stayed with me, percolating in my subconscious. It resurfaced many times and inspired me to take courses in watercolour, drawing, and pastels, but for years I resisted and wouldn’t consistently dedicate time to painting. 

Finally I found my way to acrylics, and I loved their forgiving and fluid nature. When I was introduced to abstract and mixed media art, my imagination took hold and my creativity began to soar. As my children got older, I started to listen to my inner voice. I heard my dream and paid attention to its calling.

As I delve into my art, I realize how much I am drawn to Mother Nature's organic line formations, the patterns and colours formed in moving water, blooms swaying in the breeze, and the shades of colour in our changing Canadian seasons. I am awestruck by the beauty of a sunset — those ever changing colours are so beautiful! I see nature, shapes, and patterns with new perspective, noticing and relishing the subtleties around me. Found objects, recycled materials, and the printed word are all full of potential, a collage of ideas that could lead to a new painting. When combined, acrylics and mixed media lead to unlimited possibilities, changing and becoming something different from their original form. 

My dream has evolved from a split-second glimpse of a man painting on a balcony to a meaningful and gratifying artistic practice surrounded by my beautiful family and our fluffy Wheaten named Juno. Every piece of work I create is a part of my life’s story, and I’m so honoured to share that story with you.

Thanks for supporting my dream and stopping by my online store.


PS - We donate to Because I am a Girl and WorldVision both of which empowers girls and women throughout the world. I am a huge believer in educating and giving power to young girls and women for the betterment of families and communities around the globe.

I have two strong independent daughters, have two sisters, who came from two sisters who came from three sisters....a long line of strong girls and women, right!

I truly believe, we can all be stronger when we work together - #communityovercompetition.

Courage is the most important of all virtues, without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.
-- Maya Angelou --